Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Happy, Weary Traveling

WOW! We've been busy.

For Nick's birthday (or so we say), we jumped in on his parents' trip to Minnesota and Canada. His grandparents used to live up there every summer, and his family would go visit every year. But last year they sold their cabin. Nick's been dying to go up there, and when he heard that his parents were planning a trip, we forced ourselves in on their plans!

On our way up, we stopped at the Cabela's in Owatonna. They have a massive display of stuffed animals that we just knew Ryder would love.

Then we headed to stay at my in-laws dear friends' home/farm.

I love the barn.

Riding on the dirt bike.

On we drove up to the cabin.

Ryder playing with Grammy.

Ryder and Daddy having fun!

We had beautiful sunsets.

Ryder loved this trike!

Our favorite place.

One day we went into Grand Rapids for a change of pace. We found this awesome little candy shop that sold ice cream. MMM.

This town has the Mississippi River running right through it.

There's a big paper mill in town (upper left) and Grand Rapids is the birth place of Judy Garland (upper right).

There was a replica of an old logging camp just outside of town. This was a food storage house.

These are the cooking stoves they had in the dining cabin. Whoa!

After a few days, we headed up to Canada to visit one of Nick's aunts.
I really didn't get very  many pictures while we were up there. We were only there for a day.

These are their grape vines! WOW! So pretty!

I had to add this because it was the only picture of me taken on the whole trip.

We stopped at a local cheese farm. Ryder liked the goat!

Next we headed back down to Minneapolis to visit one of Nick's other aunts.

They had a beautiful backyard.

The next day we drove all the way back home.

This is in the Ouachita Forest in Oklahoma.

This was the LOOOONGEST driving trip we've ever taken. The time in the car alone was enough to drive a person mad. Ryder did incredibly well but he's glad to be out of the car, as are we all. Look forward to another trip up there someday!

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