Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Rainbows, Rafting...Dollywood!

Time passes by when you're having fun!

We've been busily running ourselves all over the place. Or, more like, the parents are running and the grandparents have been busily babysitting.

First, I'd like to share a couple of cool rainbow pictures from a couple of days ago. It's been raining a lot since we've been here, and we came home to this beautiful view of a rainbow!

It went all the way across!

Yesterday, a group of us went ziplining and white water rafting. The ziplining was so-so for anyone who isn't adrenaline rushless (me), but the rafting was better than expected, especially to my husband. As a seasoned canoer, it's surprising he's never been before. I think he's found a new passion.

Starting off all happy go lucky.

Whoa! Gettin' dicy!

And we're wet.

We had a lot of fun, definitely worth doing.

Today we went to Dollywood! As amusement parks go, this has to be by far the best I've been to. Of course I'm no authority on the subject seeing as I never step foot on a roller coaster. Some of us just hung out with the kids while others went to get their "screams" as Andrea put it.

Driving Miss Selene.

Aunt Kelly Rocks!

Ryder finally got to go on a brrm brrm! Too bad it was pink...

Aunt Kelly riding with Xander.

Uncle Jake riding with Selene.

There weren't a whole lot of rides the kids could go on mainly because they are so young, but the couple we went on seem to be pleasing to them.

Well, mostly.

Tuckered out.

Tomorrow will be mostly uneventful because the girls are going shopping!

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