Friday, October 12, 2012

Stampeding Towards Home

Well, as you can tell we were a little too busy enjoying ourselves for me to have time to write about the last part of our trip.

We enjoyed the fabulous Dixie Stampede dinner show! Surprisingly all the kids did really great and seemed to like it. Ryder didn't seem to know what to think about one of the riders.

Ryder really got the hang of going to church.

One day we went to Gatlinburg. It's a really cool town and you can walk anywhere you want to go. I didn't get any pictures while we were there, but we enjoyed it all the same. 

We basically spent the last few days enjoying the time we had left with family. It was nice that we had the entire Flynn clan together, and of course we had to take a whole family shot.

What a good looking family!

We made it home in one piece, and although Ryder is struggling with a cold, we brought home good memories.

I leave you with this beautiful sunrise shot.



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