Thursday, March 29, 2012


You always hear about the Texas tarantula, like it's as common as a mosquito. I've lived here all my life and never seen one...until today.

I was spreading leaves over my newly planted squash. We use leaves as mulch, and this year Nick got a huge pile of bagged leaves. I had been carefully pulling each bag from the pile, dragging it far away from me because I knew there were probably critters living within the nooks and crannys of the pile. I come to the end of a row, turn to get another bag and..."AAAAAAHHHHH! AH! AHHH!" It was right there.

A huge (well okay, not really huge, but none the less) tarantula!!! Furry and all, with mandibles twitching!

I was so freaked, I literally stood there trying to decide what to do: run, scream, panic. I briskly walked back to the house to calm down. Then I grabbed my phone and headed back out to take a picture. I'll admit, I was pretty much hyperventilating. But I got a good shot!

Of course, when Nick came home he had to go find and catch the beast to play with it. He tried to convince me that they only give a wasp-like bite, but he also didn't tell me how much the needle would hurt when we went to the dentist.

To make my day all the more adrenaline exhausting, I found a black widow on the front of our house not half an hour after the tarantula discovery. Oh joy.

Now my skin is crawling and every little bug (because we live in the country and bugs are everywhere) has me jumping on tables. And I never finished what I needed to do in the garden.

Ryder and I heading out to look at the spider.
(note, i had already had a long day of running and screaming so please excuse the look)

On the upside, we were given a new tree to add to our growing orchard (ha! no pun intended): a kumquat.

I don't recall ever trying a kumquat before, but this sucker came with fruit and boy is it quite the treat. hopefully it will do well here, we'll see.

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  1. Ugh! The boys always did like playing with nasty things. Ryder looks excited, he may take after his dad and play with spiders.