Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Kid Hat Collection

In anticipation of the winter months, I crocheted a couple of hats for Ryder. He wore them some, but this winter was super mild and super short! So sadly, he didn't wear them much, especially the mohawk hat. None the less, I wanted to post pictures of them to show how cute they were, as well as one I made for Nadia's birthday.

This camo hat is a basic style but with a couple of pom-poms on top to look like ears. I made a couple like this for my niece and nephew as well as one for a friend's son.

This black and white mohawk hat is an earflap hat with fringe added to the top to make it look like hair for the mohawk. This one is my favorite.

This pony hat is another basic hat with fringe added like the mohawk hat. When I finished I didn't think it looked right, so I added some ears. I just used the same method for them as for the earflaps on the earflap hat. turned out pretty good!


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