Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring Holyday Weekend

It’s a new year and the holy day season has begun. We had a wonderful Night to be Much Observed at my parents’ house. Lots of good food, drink, and friendship.


Classic family picture

He's Irish and German, what do you expect?

Nick cookin' shish-kabobs.

 Of course, Dad had to share his new favorite toy. Er, I mean, Mom's new toy.

Mom did a sort of Napa Valley theme, mostly going along with wine. She did a beautiful tablescape.

I have a few new recipes that I’ll be posting soon, some from NTBMO and some of my favorite unleavened dessert recipes.

We had an enjoyable holy day morning. We stuck around the house, just chillin’ and lovin’ the beautiful day. I made crepes for breakfast (well, I mixed them up and Nick cooked them) and we topped them off with leftover raspberry mousse.

Ryder got his own crepe!

I walk outside, heading to the garden, when I find a snake! It wasn’t very big, but it had pretty markings. Nick looked in its mouth and told me it didn’t have any venom glands, so we were safe, more or less. 

Later we went on a gator ride. The honeysuckles are in bloom, and it’s so cool to ride around and smell the sweet aroma in the air.

Ryder decided he wanted to drive.

 Picked some flowers too.

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