Sunday, June 23, 2013

Peach Orchard

On a whim, we woke up this morning and decided to drive up to a local-ish peach orchard. I've been wanting to get some good peaches for jam and drying purposes, so we made a little family outing of it.

They have all these cool tractors and other vehicles around for decoration. Ryder was so excited.

Efurd Orchards
Their place is like a large, fancy produce stand, with all kinds of things to buy and look at.

Lots of unique items, like this bug turned bench, make up the decor of this "stand."

They also sell homemade ice cream! Ryder's enjoying some with Daddy.

Peach flavor, of course.

We got a good deal on our peaches by buying the "overripe" ones. In reality, they're flavor is now perfect and they still are a little firm in the middle. This pictures ours and my mom's. We'll be drying some this week.

Looking for some good peach recipes? Here are a few from my blog that are excellent to use some tasty peaches.

Fresh Fruit Sauce

Fresh Fruit Crunch

Peach Jam

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