Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Birthday, Another Birthday, And Oh Yeah, A Birthday!

The kids have turned another year older. There are moments that I stop and think about how fast time is moving and it scares me to death. The fact that my first born is now 4 years old and I am pondering his scholastic future is bizarre to me. When you have a child, it seems like they'll never leave the "baby" phase, then it just seems like suddenly, they are full blown kids with thoughts and ideas completely independent of your suggestion!
Anyway, we enjoyed a fun day at home on the kids' birthday.

Poppy hung up swings for the kids! They absolutely LOVE them! They play on them every day.
Poppy also made them a huge sandbox!
So much fun to be had!
Helping Mama make their birthday cake.
Presents time!
Super hero and fairy cake!
Happy Birthday to Ryder and Sabrina!
(They were really more excited than they look.)
They had a lot of fun on their birthday. But of course, I can't let a birthday go by without a real party. Since their birthday was on a Tuesday, we had to wait to have their big party on the following Sunday.
The theme was Capes and Wings: A Super Hero and Tinkerbell Fairy party. To see more of the decorations and food ideas, click here.
Of course, a birthday party can't be without some kind of fun something or other. We had our slip and slide again this year, with the fire hose pump spraying water to keep it slick. As always, it was a big hit, even for me!
Even for Pops!
Down and down again!
This was a birthday of big active presents, including Ryder's new bike! The best part is that the squeeze part on the horn is broken so they blow into the funnel instead. Sounds like a duck with a bellyache, but the love it!
During all this, Selene and Xander came for a visit, and we got to celebrate their birthday as well!
Opening presents!
The kids got to spend the day together. Mom decorated her house in a "Frozen: In Summer" theme. So we were all enjoying our luau festivities.
Gram reading to, well, everybody.
Happy Birthday Selene and Xander! Island luau cupcakes!
My mom handmade several things for both kids this year, but the biggest and most impressive was this treehouse she and my dad both made. It's customizable, and all handmade. It truly is amazing, and the kids play with it for hours!
Also during their visit, we got enjoy some fun times at the Discovery Science Place. The kids are always happy to go there!
Two busy boys.
Xander checking out at the grocery store. Selene was a bank teller and Sabrina needed lots of oranges. Ryder was the punk loitering around.
Xander and Sabrina loved playing with this gear table. You put it all together and then you can crank it so they all move. Two detailed minds fascinated.
The kids' visit was fun filled as always, and Ryder and Sabrina miss them so much.
Here are a few moments from our regular life.
Nick brought a bull frog home from the lake for the kids to see.
Both were hesitant at first, but they warmed up and had fun poking its eyes and watching them retract. Don't worry, we let him go in our pond perfectly intact.
I made a little top for Sabrina last week. I caught this pout face while trying to get her to model her new look, and I just love this picture! One I'm sure she'll be proud of when she gets older, heh heh.
Life's chugging along. We've got lots to look forward to in the next months, including cooler weather! We're all sick and tired of this triple digit nonsense, and I'm ready to see a little more of my husband. There will always be more to do, more to enjoy, and of course, more to post!

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