Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Fancy Floral Lamp Redo

If you have a room with a bed in it, you might a need a lamp.
The next installment for my little girl's room is a bedside lamp.
Look familiar? It's a similar concept to another piece I did for her room a while back.
Anyway, I started out with this old ginger jar lamp from my local thrift shop that I paid probably less than $2 for. Yes it is pink, no it is not the right color of pink. Time to paint! First prime the surface with a good spray primer. I warn you, follow the instructions on your paint container. And paint in light coats to prevent drips; the curved surface of the lamp is prone to drips. After you prime, paint your color. After you're happy with the paint color, you do a coat of clear gloss spray paint to give it that final shine.
Now for the lamp shade. I got this shade at a yard sale, and was so happy because it is just the right size for the lamp. However, the fabric does not match her room.
I decided I wanted to do the flowers, but instead of gluing the flowers straight to the lampshade, I made a cover for the shade. This way I can reuse the shade in the future and also because you will see the shade peek through the flowers, so better that it's something you would like.
I used a tutorial for covering lamp shades I found on Pinterest. I wouldn't use the cover alone, it isn't tight enough, but it's fine since I covered it up.
Now time to glue the flowers on! I'll tell you now, there are not enough flowers for this project in this picture. This wasn't even enough for half. I had to start over and buy more flowers. So just make sure you have a lot or can get more if you try this project. I used hot glue because it is fast drying.
Cover the whole shade with flowers and voila!
The lamp turned out great and the shade goes perfectly!
It looks fantastic in her room!

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