Sunday, August 9, 2015

Tickled Pink - Dresser Redo For Sabrina

A while back, I hit the jackpot at my local thrift shop and got a whole French provincial bedroom set for only $40.
Yeah, I know totally awesome. Everything was in really good shape, only some cosmetic work needed. This style is perfect for my little girl's room, which is colored in pink and orange with a girly chic vibe.
I've been intending to paint all this furniture for a while, but with our move things like that just kind of got put on the back burner. But I have finally completed my first piece, and am so excited to share it!
Brace yourself, the original state of this dresser can haunt you in your dreams.
This is how I bought it. See that lovely yellowish color? That is not paint, no. It is an unknown substance; suspected to be some form of lacquer, so extremely sticky (and stinky) that only a cleaner such as Awesome cleaner could remove such a vile covering. Basically, it was gross.
Gorgeous! Perfect for my girl's new space!
Now for the journey of the nasty nauseous dresser.
A close up of the original state. See that top edge? Yep, that's brown.
The top is laminate and also the actual color of the piece. Eww.
After a lot of elbow grease and whole spray bottle of Awesome cleaner, we have a relatively clean dresser.
But it still stinks. Now it smells like it did before plus Awesome cleaner.
First we must sand the piece, including the laminate top. Some people recommend not sanding laminate, but we did and the paint stuck much better once we sanded it. Then we had to prime. As you can see, my photo taking was lapse at this phase. I was more focused on getting it done than taking pictures. But the whole piece was painted this slightly gray color. I painted the inside of the drawers because of the smell. I didn't want it to make the clothes smell bad over time. Now time for the color!
Voila! The outer frame of the dresser is painted orange and the drawers are painted pink. It took two coats of pink and 3-4 coats of orange (orange is a finicky color).
I got the drawer pulls at Ross. I love all the shapes of this piece! It's so girly!
I painted the inside of the drawers pink. I could have left them the primer color, but it seemed wrong against this pink. I'll probably curse myself if I ever repaint this piece because it adds a lot of extra work.
This dresser looks fantastic in her room!
I'll be showing off more projects very soon. I have a lot more painting to do!

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