Thursday, August 6, 2015

On A Short Rope - A Frame Of Mine

Life's been a little, well, umm...busy.
I'll spare you the details. Or more like, I'll tell you about it more in a later post. I've had things I've wanted to post for a while but no downtime to do the posting.
Anyhoo, I've got a quick little project to share that's fun, easy, and really cool looking for the right room. As I've said before, my kids' bathroom is a nautical theme, and I've posted other projects for this room in the past.
A rope frame! Doesn't exactly take a lot of know how to figure out how to make it, but it's surprising how much the store wanted to charge for it.
Start with a frame. I bought a 5x7 frame at Dollar Tree for $1. It came with the glass and everything, but you want to remove all that before you start working on it. Also, you can do this with any size frame you want. You also need rope, which I bought at Walmart for about $6 in a roll. That was the most expensive part. You will also need hot glue.
Start gluing the rope on the frame. In this picture, the top left corner is where I started. You have to make sure the end is down so the next layer can keep going around seamlessly. Keep going around, hot gluing one side at a time, until the original frame is hidden behind the rope.
When you've finished going around the outside, bring the end underneath and cover the under edge of the frame so that you don't see it from the side.
Finished! Now just add the glass, photo and everything else.
Ta-da! The frame and photo go perfectly with my Poop Deck sign. Unfortunately I had to censor the picture for it to be online (but I think you get the idea).
This frame looks great in the kids' bathroom!

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