Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Capes & Wings: Super Hero & Tinkerbell Fairy Birthday Party!

My kids share a birthday. So every year (this is only the second time), we have to come up with a birthday party theme that suits both. This year, it was a little less creative in the theme choice, but none the less we pulled off a really cool party that showed off what both kids are interested in.
This year's theme: Capes & Wings.
The invitation came together better than I would have expected with such differing themes.
Keep in mind, we usually have their party out at a lake lot, so we keep things simple. Each theme has its own table, and they mesh in the middle.
Ryder's side: Super Heroes. Most of our decorations for this side came from my mom; she made them for the local library's summer reading program.
A close up of Superman.
The menu consisted of Wonder Dogs, Pop!corn, and Crunch! chips.
Ryder got all the Avengers action figures for his birthday, so we used them to decorate. A few of them held signs for the food.
They meet in the middle at the cupcake tower.
Superman and Tinkerbell at the top!
Close up of the super hero cupcakes.
Close up of the fairy cupcakes. I tried out a new raspberry cake recipe.
Sabrina's Tinkerbell side.
We used the logs to make lifts for the food. Just a note about the logs; you must seal them with clear spray paint because there will be bugs if you don't. We were going to use more pieces but these were the only ones sealed and without bugs.
Fairy Fruit Harvest. Mom made kiwi and raspberry flowers and I made strawberry and marshmallow toadstools.
Bunny Food, and Pixie Dust pixie sticks in the background.
Fairy house made out of a bird feeder.
The kids taking it all in. They were very excited about all their favorite characters!

They had a great time at their party, and we had and awesome time getting it ready!

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  1. that fairy fruit harvest on the logs is the most enticing fruit display that i have seen! good job on everything!!!