Sunday, February 3, 2013

Car Organizer: A Tutorial

It's easy to have a messy car with kids.
I have only begun in this adventure.
But there is help for the clutter that goes along with extended periods of time spent in the car.

A car organizer.
It may not look very glamorous, but it looks a lot better than toys, books and food all over the floorboards and seats.

What you'll need:

An over-the-door pocket shoe organizer (about as wide as a car seat)
Ribbon (and fray check)
1 thin wooden dowel, cut the width of the organizer
Eyelet kit
Coordinating thread
2 large pony beads

Note: one shoe organizer makes two or three car organizers.

First you'll cut the organizer to your desired length. As you can see, I only went two pockets down. You can make it however long you want it. Cut as close to the bottom of the pockets as you can.

Now, you're going to fold down the top to make a casing for the wooden dowel. Pin in place and check to make sure the casing is the right size.

Sew the casing, then run the dowel through.

Here's where the picture guidance kind of ends. I took pictures of the process, but somehow I deleted the pictures before uploading them on my computer.

If using the very top piece of the shoe organizer, there will already be eyelets to run the ribbon through.

But, if not, you'll need the eyelet kit. Mark a spot that looks good to you, and install the eyelets.
Cut a piece of ribbon at 25 inches. This leaves enough room to slip it over the headrest of the car seat. Fray check the ends.

Run the ribbon through the eyelets with the ends coming out the front. String the beads on and tie a knot around them.

And there you have it. A car organizer that is simple, inexpensive, and custom.

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  1. i love this. great idea. cute color. versatile. cool