Friday, February 15, 2013

Working the Earth

It's hard to believe that it's already planting time again. Even though by the end of summer/fall I'm usually ready for a break from gardening, I'm always excited for the new planting season in February. In Texas, our "rest" period is pretty short. Winter is mild and we only get about 3 months of a break. But I'm still raring to go when it comes time to plant.

This year Nick built me some mini greenhouses. They'll be great for starting seeds. He built them out of some old windows my parents had sitting on their property. They'd gotten them discounted (or given, I'm not sure which) when they were building their house, but now they've decided they won't be using them. The original idea was to build an actual greenhouse using the windows and storm door, etc. like my mom's, but Nick thought maybe I could get use out of them this year if he built these smaller versions.

I'm still going to want a full size greenhouse someday, but this will definitely work well for now.

Nick's talking about extending the garden area up the hill, but more than likely it will not be utilized this year.

Looking forward to little green sprouts speckling the dirt!

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