Sunday, February 3, 2013

Car Seat Blanket: A Tutorial

My son was born in the heat of the Texas summer (and when I say heat, I mean 105 degrees). Needless to say, blankets weren't heavily used for several months. But my sister-in-law just had a little girl in January, so I thought that a blanket would be a nice gift. A blanket with ties that can stay on the car seat/stroller easier? Even better!

This project is so easy, I don't see why they aren't more common. Even a non-sewer could pull this off. You don't even really need a machine.

What you will need:

Baby blanket
(the measurements I give are based on a basic baby blanket you buy at Babies R Us)
Fray Check
Coordinating thread

Start by marking the spot for the ties with a pin. I went 9 1/2 inches down,

and 6 inches across from the edge.

So the spots will be about where you see the ribbons in this picture.

 Now trim your ribbons to the right length. I did 35 inches so there would be plenty of ribbon to have some pretty bows when tied. Make sure you fray check your ribbon so there's no fraying.

Place the center of the ribbon right in the spot you pinned. Now just sew a straight line up and down two or three times.

Easy, right?

So simple and so useful.

Ryder had to check it out.

Along with this project, I had a few other things I made for my new niece that I thought I'd share.

Hooded towel. This was a quick project. I think I might make one for Ryder because he's already kind of outgrowing the little baby hooded towels. This one is a full-sized towel so kids can use them for a long time.

I used this tutorial:

Crochet ankle sandals. These look so cute on and are one of the quickest crochet projects I've ever made.

I used this tutorial:

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